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Portion Divider

A simple gadget for dividing food portions.
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This is how the device would work: There is a central, waterproof, plastic 'hub' with fixings around it to which are attached a number of rounded metal blades (probably six or eight). Imagine something like the tail end of a missile or space rocket in appearance.

A small selector switch at the top of the device will allow the user to select a number from 2 to 8. This will correspond to the number of equal servings they will require.

Now they turn the top part of the central hub, which will 'fan' out the blades/paddles in equal distances around the centre. Some clever gearing inside the hub ensures that what ever number is selected on the hub will match the number of equal spacings between the blades. The blades and paddles will be thin enough for two or more to be sandwiched together 'as one' if all of the blades are not required.

Another sliding button allows the blades to be angled out to increase/decrease their diameter for different dish sizes.

Using the standard blades attachment the user will be able to portion solid(ish) foods such as bread dough, cakes, flan etc. simply by centering the hub over the food and pushing it down into it.

In addition to the metal blades the unit will also be shipped with a selection of plastic 'paddles' which are made to fit over the blades. These can be used if the user wishes to apportion more 'liquidy' foods such as a saucepan of casserole or rice. They will simply choose the paddle set which best fits the pan they are using, e.g. ones with a rounded base. The device can be left in the pan whilst the portions are spooned from between the sections.

HowardMarks, Apr 15 2005


       I want the small grapefruit model.
FarmerJohn, Apr 15 2005


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