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Mobile Data Services

A service that broadcasts service to individuals
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A service that broadcasts service to individuals from a server to a mobile phone
juha, Dec 19 2004

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       Welcome [juha]. Some suggestions:   

       1. Delete "mob", your earlier attempt at this.   

       2. More detail. How would this differ from what is currently available? What would be gained? You can use the edit function to add to this idea, instead of posting a whole new one.
bungston, Dec 19 2004

       would this be like a not-for-profit telco a vISP - I had a similar thought a while ago.
neilp, Dec 19 2004

       Not bad. I'd vote neutral, but you can have a bun because you're new here. But, like bungston said: a little more detail is needed.
croissantz, Dec 19 2004

       Intriguing. Look forward to a more fleshed out version. Bun pending.
wagster, Dec 19 2004


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