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"Not-So-Great Gift Experiences"

Teach 'em a lesson in life
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In some of my local stores you are able to buy "Gift Experience" packages for friends, family, loved ones.. Tandem Skydive for £229.99, race a high powered supercar for £199.99, etc etc.

The scenario: Your irritating teenager is moaning about why the water heater is not on in the house, why there isn't enough food in the cupboards, and so on. All you can say is "you're lucky we have heating", or "in my day we had to eat what we were given."

These days are over.

Now, for the pilfering sum of £129.99, you can send your child to stay with the Arctic Inuit (to whom the word 'heater' itself is alien), or the Widdifakawi tribe in deepest darkest Africa (who live on grubs, ants, and more grubs).

This Christmas, buy your hard up child a hard lesson in life. Only £129.99!

kuupuuluu, Jul 24 2008

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       I like it (+) though please include a trip to "visit" a nice Mongolian herding village.   

       BTW how are they getting there for only £129.99? Bicycle? Catapult air drop?
MisterQED, Jul 24 2008

       £129.99 for the 'experience.'   

       I suppose a catapult and a parachute for an unruly child wouldn't be out of the question..
kuupuuluu, Jul 24 2008

       Somewhat baked in Eco-Tourism where you can go somewhere far away and you can help poverty-stricken people build a house or a well and then consider you had a vacation and did something benevolent for society.
xandram, Jul 24 2008

       I just realized how much Kant would hate ecotourism. Hmm.
shapu, Jul 24 2008

       I've heard of vactions like that, but the logic just doesn't follow. I work, right now, for a wage twenty times as high as your average Poor African Family makes. My choices are to spend a full month's wages, losing another full month's wages in unpaid vacation time, to work for a month OR to keep my regular job and have two month's of my wages (40 months wages in Africa) to pay some African to do the same thing.

I do it: generate one month's utility at great personal cost. I hire an African to do it: Generate 40 month's utility and pay for one African's wages for over three years.
Voice, Jul 25 2008

       I just realised how much Kant would love ecotourism.
zeno, Jul 25 2008

       At the risk of exposing myself as a fraud, I think he'd like ecotourism only if the tourists DIDN'T have a good time until they thought about it aftewards.   

       That being said, I still like this idea. I'm surprised I didn't vote for it first time around.
shapu, Jul 25 2008


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