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Model houses of parliament, with an off-switch

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Ideal for dictators, small children interested in politics etc.
not_morrison_rm, Aug 30 2019


       crickey Brexit has its own category! I remember when there were just...
po, Aug 30 2019

       There should a Trump category too for similar reasons, with a series of sub-categories. I'm getting tired always adding my Trump Moron ideas to the Mental Health, Scum Cleanser or the Racist Lying Criminal Dictator desciptors. Trump/Family/In-Breds/Airheads would be another suggestion.
xenzag, Aug 30 2019

       You forgot "Male chauvanist" and a few other things.   

       As to the idea, could there be an OFF switch for the real one, too ? It could be called the Guy Fawkes button.   

       It only needs to be an OFF switch; no need to ever turn it back on.
8th of 7, Aug 30 2019


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