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Moderator Cafe

Restaurant as recipie filter
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Millions of awful recipies on the internet, who cooks through them to find the 5000 that are really good?

Have a restaurant, have the chef pick 10 new things a week. Try to get all the patrons to fill out a ratings slip after the meal. Give everyone a little membership card; rate 10 meals get one free. Put recipies, chef's comments/fixes, and patron's ratings on the home page.

Keep a database, allow searches by ratings, raters, comments, etc. Run an amazon-style recommendations system: "You liked the ketchup soup, therefore tonight try the mustard sammich or the hawg brains."

Franchise, retire, buy that island.

mcdonald107, Feb 27 2001


       I don't want that island. I want another one.
beauxeault, Feb 27 2001

       Damn, I thought you were talking about a place for me to hang out.
jutta, Feb 27 2001

       I too thought that [mcd] had gone for a very niche market. Nice idea though.
neilp, Feb 26 2006

       When supplies are low I sometimes try to google a recipie by typing in whatever's in the fridge. Some of the results defy belief (I never tried that chicken cake).
wagster, Feb 27 2006

       Hey, yeah, you've got a great name for a franchise there, [mcdonald107]
coprocephalous, Feb 27 2006

       A decent cook can get a good idea whether a recipe is likely to be good just by reading it. Should filter out the 90% bads.   

       Perhaps we need a "HalfMachineShop" for recipe development. Offer nuts and washers rather than crossaints and fishbones.
Galbinus_Caeli, Feb 27 2006


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