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Restaurant food and equipment

"I'll have a burger, and a pair of stainless steel custard cups."
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Most kitchen utensils sold to consumers these days are junk. Nickel-less stainless steel, cheap plastic, and breakable ceramics are the norm. Restaurant equipment is built to be abused by thousands of diners. Unfortunately, most suppliers require bulk purchases, or simply refuse to sell to individuals.

This restaurant caters to gourmet cooks as well as gourmet eaters. In addition to the usual foodstuffs, the menu contains a catalogue of equipment available for purchase. Customers can walk away with a fistful of forks, the very plates they ate from, and an order for an industrial grade toaster which actually toasts bread evenly. Take-away containers range from polycarbonate bins to borosilicate glass canisters.

By operating as both a store and restaurant, it will hopefully be easier to keep the books in the black. Excess stocks of utensils can be put into circulation, and sales can be influenced by offering food deals.

Aq_Bi, Nov 07 2012


       [+] You can find pro grade utensils but they're usually unnecessarily chrome-plated or something and quite expensive.
FlyingToaster, Nov 07 2012

       Great idea - as long as the restaurants don't start stocking consumer-grade substitutes.   

       (A university friend baked this, except that he didn't ask and didn't pay. I did not approve.)
spidermother, Nov 07 2012


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