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Need-Menu card

Same items but ordered not by course but by speed, thrift, comfort, luxury etc....
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I’ve been thinking about this for some time now. There are times when I am in a restaurant and I really don’t care as much about the food as I do about things like …. Getting to work really quick, making it really cheap, wanting to totally gorge myself. I know one could ask the waitress to get food really late but who wants to make a show about it? There should be a menu card that lists food items under new headings such as:

Make it extra slow because my boss gave me work and this adds into my hours….

Food item 1
Food item 2
Food item 3…


I just broke up with my girlfriend and I really want to gorge myself….

Food item 4
Food item 5
Food item 6…


My date didn’t show up so I need to make this cheap….

Food item 7


I really need to get out of here quick so give me something that comes really quick…

Food item 8
Food item 9
Food item 10…

nomadic_wonderer, Jan 05 2004

Parametric food search http://www.national.../0,1850,766,00.html
Headings should read "Time", "Price", "Calories", ... [kbecker, Oct 04 2004]


       So the idea is for situation-optimized combos?
phoenix, Jan 05 2004

       I think this needs clarification. Under it all is an interesting notion, and you should get a break.   

       I'd call it:   

       Headline: New Menu Categories   

       Subhead: Same items but ordered not by course but by speed, thrift, comfort, luxury etc.   

       I agree that the wait person should beable to answer these questions but the same is true for what is available so that is not a good objection.   

       I'm for it.   

       Like a children's menu for your inner children.
DadManWalking, Jan 05 2004

       [DadManWalking] I have taken your advice verbatim! and I dont mean to plagiarize
nomadic_wonderer, Jan 05 2004

       They could Bluetooth the menu to your PDA and let you sort. Menu would look like something in the link; with restaurant specific parameters of course.
kbecker, Jan 05 2004

       Could I have the "absolutely wont screw this combo up" with ranch please.
krod, Mar 06 2004

       //for your inner children// [DeadManWalking] you have more than one inner child?
krod, Mar 11 2004


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