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Reuse components in Menu

make your own dish
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What if a resteraunt has reuse components on menus instead of complet food items? In that case we select these components and ask the waiter to make a dish out of these readymade components. and we end up tasting our own customizable and personalized menu..!!
sridhar236, Jan 16 2006


       I would hate to work in the kitchen
miasere, Jan 16 2006

       Like pizza, sandwiches and ice cream?
Shz, Jan 16 2006

       Mongolian Barbecue: salad bar meets stir fry. You pick your items, hand them over, and they get cooked.
bungston, Jan 16 2006

       Mixing and matching elements of different dishes is called "substitution" in the restaurant business, and most allow it, though some will charge extra.   

       Alternatively, dine at one of those many fine restaurants where each item is listed separately in the first place. Nothing new here. [marked-for-deletion] consumer advice, methinks.
DrCurry, Jan 16 2006

       I'll take carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, a bit of sodium, some chlorine, and a smattering of potassium and iron, thanks.
RayfordSteele, Jan 16 2006

       L.A. tap water?   

       I'll have the pork, pound cake, and ketchup. And it better be good.
notmarkflynn, Jan 17 2006

       I disagree with the MFD call on this idea. By "components" I am assuming the author is not referring to stand-alone ingredients such as a Mongolian BBQ offers but sub-assemblies of entrees.   

       I think the idea substantially different from substitution primarily because the components are designed with the intent of being mixed and matched and are listed as such on a menu.
bristolz, Feb 01 2006


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