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Modern Tap Dance

click clickclickclick
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Modern dancers nearly always have naked feet. Many are trained in tap dance as well, but this is hard to do with naked feet. I propose that taps could be applied to the naked soles using crazy glue, to allow tap moves during a modern dance. Traditional tap is limited in that usually only the feet (and possibly a cane) contacts the ground - modern dancers have no such limits. Dancers might therefore also glue taps to other parts of the body, to allow tap expressions which are truly modern.
bungston, Jul 09 2006

Don't know what to make of it http://en.wikipedia...#The_Lego_trademark
Who's right and who's wrong? [zeno, Jul 09 2006]


       It'd be like treading on Legos, though...
DrCurry, Jul 09 2006

       [DrCurry], the correct plural of Lego is Lego.
Gallus, Jul 09 2006

       Depends which country you're in.
DrCurry, Jul 09 2006

       I halfbaked this up this afternoon by taping quarters to the soles of a passing toddler. A big hit.
bungston, Jul 09 2006

       [bungston] I'd buy that for a dollar.   

       If you attached pressure sensors you could make music (would that be considered Dance Music?)   

       Also, mini whoopee cushions would be good (pap dancing?)
marklar, Jul 09 2006

       + I like it except for the crazy glue. I was thinking that maybe for the toes it could slip on, something like a finger pick for a guitarist and the heels could go on with velcro tape. That way there is no painful removal.   

       Plural of lego could be *Legii*?
xandram, Jul 09 2006

       I had originally envisioned this as a big toe ring. It would be hard to do this without adhesive on the heel. Old doublesticky carpet tape would probably work better than the masking tape I had handy yesterday.
bungston, Jul 09 2006

       Ian: in a land where Houston is pronounced entirely differently, depending on whether you're talking about the town in Texas or the street in New York, even though both are named after the same person, geez, that's anyone's guess. But Lego bricks are routinely called Legos over here.
DrCurry, Jul 09 2006

       Also the "soft shoe" version using sandpaper.   

       Conversely, my sister and I used to convert our regular shoes using those silver tacs (we gave our soles to dance). It was hell on the downstairs neighbors.
pigtails_and_ponies, Jul 09 2006

       Ah, Blakeys. Forgot about those.
DrCurry, Jul 09 2006

       Legs-a-go-go +
xenzag, Jul 09 2006

       [xenzag] didn't you post //Drum Roll Shoes// a while ago... What happened to them?
Dub, Jul 11 2006

       Drum Roll Shoes not one of mine [Dub] - I think you asked me about these by email, unless my mind is going and it wasn't you who asked, and it was me who posted them after all.   

       On a different, but Lego related matter ... would there be a demand for Lardgo? - Lego shaped bricks made of lard. I'm thinking of investing my life's savings in a manufacturing plant.
xenzag, Jul 11 2006

       <continuing silly argument> If you absolutely *must* pluralise, surely it ought to be Legoes?   

       Personally I prefer pluralising the individual bricks. After-all, Lego is a system of parts (the bricks), not an object (ignoring the brand for a moment).</csa>
zen_tom, Jul 11 2006

       There is no plural of Lego. Lego is a single system and there is no meaningful way you can talk of multiple Legos any more than you can talk of multiple internets. Of course the plural of Lego brick is Lego bricks.
wagster, Jul 11 2006

       Oh, I stumbled across the site and came up with this idea: there are modern shoes I wear, and they're just to protect your balls ( on your feet ;) ) and heels(-ish), so why not glue or somehow attach the taps to these shoes... it would give the impression of bare feet. Hey, if this idea takes off, I want credit... and cash.
arsenic's_valentine, Jan 05 2007


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