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LHC circle dancing

or cultural events to hold in there, when it's not turned on.
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Large public spaces do tend to get used for communal entertainment, along with giving pigeons a place to hang around in.

I was wondering if the Large Hadron Collider might provide a similar dual-usage, for example, to do line dancing (which would end up as circle dancing anyway, due to the shape) or just the worlds' biggest whatever the maypole dance is called. Also where and how to install the maypole might be tricky one, but I digress.

It might theoretically be possible to use it as a venue for fencing, assuming each fencer is good enough to fight two opponents at the same time, there being one on each side of them. It might even start the new sport of Eurozone Ring Fencing.

It's a good venue being on neutral territory, it's all underground so don't have to worry about the weather and, by dint of good planning it might be possible to get the circle dance to finish at just the time the Higgs Boson is discovered (or definitively proved not to be there).

not_morrison_rm, Oct 02 2011


       Conga line ?
8th of 7, Oct 03 2011

       [+] //neutral territory// True, true. Partly in Switzerland which sided with neither Axis nor Allies, and partly in France, which sided with both.
mouseposture, Oct 03 2011

       How about pole dancing? I know you were wondering when somone was going to put that forward.
Ah Supp, Oct 03 2011

       If recent much-hyped and oft-misunterstood developments are any indication, we could end up with the first conga line that ends just before it begins.
Alterother, Oct 06 2011

       World's largest Mexican stand-off
hippo, Oct 06 2011

       If [8th of 7] and [The Alterother] are:   

       A) at either end of the line   


       B) armed   

       Then yes, that's exactly what you'd have.
Alterother, Oct 06 2011

       //the first conga line that ends just before it begins.//   

       And that's a bad thing?   

       //How about pole dancing? I know you were wondering when someone was going to put that forward.//   

       If we could do it as the world's only monopole dancing club, I'll chip in ten quid...
not_morrison_rm, Oct 06 2011

       A prayer circle? People could pray that the God particle would be found.
phundug, Oct 06 2011

       Tripping the light fantastic...?   

       "There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable.   

       There is another theory which states that this has already happened."
8th of 7, Oct 06 2011

       Personal side note: [8th], I assume you've read 'Strata'?
Alterother, Oct 06 2011

       Maybe a good use for the recently powered-down Chicago Tevatron. Or maybe we can really confuse our distant descendants by erecting another Stonehenge around its perimeter.
RayfordSteele, Oct 07 2011


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