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Shoulder bags

Inflatable shoulder bag straps for backpacks/shoulder bags.
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As an avid hiker and backpacker, I have often wondered why there is'nt an inflatable bag strap available on the market yet. A strap that inflates and attaches to the underneath of a backpack strap for added cushioning and comfort. Can you imagine how much comfort a wearer will derive from this pneumatic, shock absorbing cushion of air. Backpacks don't need to be redesigned, the straps can be bought as an add-on and attached to the underneath of any backpack/shoulder bag strap.

I've made a few working models and this stuff REALLY works.

Comments? Suggestions?

CritiKill, Jun 07 2004

(?) Backpacks with Air-Filled Straps & Lumbar supports http://www.healthyc...catalogue.php?cat=4
Some examples of existing backpacks with inflated straps. Note, these are complete backpacks, however; Not the retrofittable add-on straps [CritiKill] describes. [jurist, Oct 05 2004]

Air Packs http://www.evertize...airpacks/system.htm
Looks to me like the inflatable straps and supports on these bags could be removed and transferred to your backpack, bookbag, or shoulder bag. [jurist, Oct 05 2004]


       Good idea!
BJS, Nov 15 2007

       The more expensive bags use softer cushioning, almost better than an inflatable cushion. I'll stay voteless, but to me it isn't exactly revolutionary.
croissantz, Nov 16 2007


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