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Robotic Backpack

Robotic Backpack That Follows You
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I go through backpacks like crazy and it seems like they get heavier every day. so I thought, what if someone built a self-powered backpack? It would have a reciever annd cpu that follows a multi-channel transmitter that you could clip on your shirt or belt. It would have infrared sensors to keep it from bumping into people and things, and if it gets confused, the transmitter could have a remote control built in like a R/C car.

As for the shape and locomotion, I was actually thinking of battlebots, w/out the weapons. On top of the powerplant there would just be a sturdy plastic box with vertical adjustible shelves that you could slide books and binders into. But because of how some schools are, it would be available in clear as well as painted, so the teachers could be sure there wasn't a weapon inside. (I didnt know about the luggage idea when I posted)

Aishafan, Dec 27 2004

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       How much weight would this be able to carry? If it's strong enough, then you might as well ride on it.   

       I would recommend this for use at almost any school, or most other places either. It could get stolen, damaged, stuff stolen out of it, or it could get stuck, and it would have be very intelligent at getting around obstacles and following you.   

       Would it be able to go up and down stairs?
BJS, Nov 15 2007


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