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multistage projectile

Terrain vehicle launches itself undersea, on the ground and through the air
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Rockets leave a hot stamp through the atmosphere when launched, but the MSP does not.

Rockets attempt to hit quickly, while the MSP quitely and slowly reaches its target.

Rockets and torpedoes are limited to one element that they pass through. The MSP knows how to get to it's target silently and perhaps slowly moving through multiple elements. It can climb, fly, float, submerge and even dig underground.

This stealth bomb brings itself close to the enemy in stages.

Version II then goes all the way into their tent or into the cockpit, finally catching the guy and changing his personality into a cooperative and happy person through some sort of drug.

The last stage that I just described is for version two. Version one is just a conventional weapon. The novelty of this horrible idea is how the weapon reaches its target.

pashute, May 14 2018


       //The novelty of this horrible idea is how the weapon reaches its target.// It is indeed. I look forward to your explaining how it does this.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 14 2018


       Err, the Michigan State Police might sue for copyright...
not_morrison_rm, May 14 2018

       Fishbone awarded, to be withdrawn on the happenstance that a mechanism should drag itself out of bed, wash behind its ears, iron its uniform, and present itself for inspection.
Voice, May 14 2018

       //Terrain vehicle launches itself// well, to heck with you and all your country's negotiators - I'm opening diplomatic relations with your weapons stockpile.
lurch, May 14 2018

       So a bit like a member of the special forces, a spy, or a civilian with something hidden under their jumper?   

       At some point, small autonomous drones should be able to crawl, or fizz in on rotors, way under any effective radar, and deliver all manner of payloads right into the heart of nearly any hardened installation.
zen_tom, May 15 2018

       Whst if we extended the idea title by "Vomiting"? It might give it more technical focus, though fewer military applications.
pertinax, May 15 2018


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