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Morningsnow Mace

Bringing Christmas cheer for all to fear
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A large-ish (about 4 inch diameter) snowglobe consisting of a bullet- resistant polycarbonate sphere filled with the usual sickeningly sweet scenes of Christmas cheer, mounted atop a handle and used to bludgeon people.
21 Quest, Jan 04 2014


       Does it have spikes?
pocmloc, Jan 04 2014

       I suppose it could, acrylic spikes with embedded LED bulbs could add to the Christmassy illusion.
21 Quest, Jan 04 2014

       I'm guessing that due to the the inflation of (number of ideas that involve) s**w g****s, this has created an incentive to write more an more of them.

       So we head to the subsequent inevitable crash, which will leave HB'ers outside train stations waving paper plates at passing commuters, saying "Buddy, can you spare croissant? Even a fishbone would help..."

       It's time for a macro-economic policy on s**w g**** (ideas) I'm suggesting Keynesian, store up the s**w g****s ideas in the good years, and then release them in more fallow times.

       NB just went on a date at 8am on a Sunday morning, what is the world coming to?
not_morrison_rm, Jan 04 2014

       //what is the world coming to?//

       Porn, mostly.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 05 2014

       Please ensure those scenes of Christmas cheer are presented in terms of MORNING things --although, just to be punny, you might consider a funeral scene ("mourning")....
Vernon, Jan 05 2014

       Haha I'm loving all the snowglobe ideas - and the fun they are having! Puts me in an orrery kind of mood!
Zeuxis, Jan 06 2014


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