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Morphing photos

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As the concept of the nuclear family continues to decline, children move away, parents split up...the dream tarnished though it may be can be kept alive by photos from happier days that morph according to aging algorithms.

Mom may be living in a trailer in Taos with Denise these days and Dad may still have 5 years to serve and Sis and the kids now live on the east coast...but here in this photo from 1986 they are altogether and looking happy. Okay...not the kids. But you get the idea.

Sort of a Portrait of Dorian Grey thing.

grackle, May 12 2001

The Face Transformer (requires Java) http://morph.cs.st-....ac.uk/Transformer/
Upload your image, tell the applet where eyes and mouth are, and see yourself with different genders, ages, and ethnicities. Eerie! [jutta, Mar 23 2007]


       Why wait? Order a GrayScale(TM) picture series today, and receive a tastefully framed twelve-step chart showing your little one today and projected in increments of five years. See his or her digitally aged faces progress through school, camp, graduation, university, job, marriage, house, children, bigger car, bigger house, retirement, and finally the extravagant tropical vacation.   

       Just send a photograph of your child, along with the filled-out option slip below and a cheque for $59.99.
Gender: [ ] Male [ ] Female
Frame: [ ] Oak [ ] Maple [ ] Mahagony
Sport: [ ] Golf [ ] Scuba Diving
Career: [ ] Medical [ ] Legal [ ] Govmt
Spouse option: [ ] Married to the above.
[ ] Include additional insertion slots for photos of actual person.

       (20% off with proof-of-purchase of BabyBox (TM).)
jutta, May 12 2001

       A loosely related suggestion, which may be recommended as a prerequisite to marriage: Don't tie the knot till you've assessed how your offspring might look. Photobooths would provide a facility for both prospective parents to be photographed side by side, but the prints would be of merged images, possibly in a strip of five showing very-him, more-him-than-her, equal-mix, more-her-than-him, and very-her. Marriage would only proceed if both partners agree that they find all five outcomes acceptable.
Mygo, Oct 02 2001

       I’m still trying to figure out what you mean by morphing photograph. As in:   

       A. a photo from 1986 where they are all happy and together, or   

       B. a photo of them together that morphs to look like present day them.   

       In the case of A, that wouldn't be a morphing photo. In the case of B, that could be done with modern technology. Take some pictures of the family separated, scan them into the computer, and open them all up in Adobe Photoshop. There’s this neat tool called Extract that will extract what you highlighted from the picture and place that on a transparent BG. put all the extractions into one canvas, adjust the RGB, brightness, and contrast to fit with the other picture extractions, and arrange them appropriately. Then pick a neat BG and place it on the bottom layer. You could have the whole family standing on a waterfall or something. A bit of shading is all you need and you’re finished (note: this is NOT a how to.)
tustin, Sep 14 2003

       Finally, an easier way to "Turn that frown upside-down!" :)
Laughs Last, Sep 14 2003


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