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Mosh Pit Surf Board

A surfboard to help you crowd surf more painlessly.
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At a GWAR concert recently, I became very weary of being booted in the head by crowd-surfing people who were being tossed back into the pit by security. Owwie. Then, as yet another flailing combat-booted individual landed upon me, a blinding flash of inspiration kicked my cerebrum. Obviously what is needed here is a semi-rigid, soft-foam covered board with multiple handhold cutouts around the rim - a little like the stretchers that search and rescue teams use to carry people out of wilderness areas. It should have backpack-like straps for ease in carrying through the crowd. As a bonus, you could use it as a sheild to defend yourself in the mosh pit. Obviously this is an idea it would be easy to miss the point of - it's NOT for safety - it's to make the sport even more fun and hopefully hardcore.
submitinkmonkey, Mar 10 2005

(??) Lawnmower Deth http://www.shipley....rth/deth/LDDisc.htm
Qualcast Mutilator indeed!. Steve (or possible Chris) to his mates. [gnomethang, Mar 11 2005]


       You are missing the point somewhat. The 'sport' is to be thrown around the crowd after having slam danced into them.
Lots of people do this for fun (I am not one of them) and they make their choice. It sounds as if (from comment #2 ) that you indulge in the pastime yourself which means that you are either under the throwee or you are the throwee.
Either way: You walk through the door marked 'wossname', you get treated like a 'wossname'. No regulation appears to be required.
"If you can't stand the heat...."
gnomethang, Mar 10 2005

       You might be able to use the parachutists clothing with padding and handles for doing aerial relative work. Or, perhaps, dress like a skateboarder and pretend that's how you travelled to the concert.
baconbrain, Mar 11 2005

       I'll throw you a bun just because of the very contrariness of this idea. Safety at rock concerts. Phhht! How anti-establishment of you!
k_sra, Mar 11 2005

       I didn't know what GWAR was but now I do and I'm kinda disturbed.
Machiavelli, Mar 11 2005

       spacesintitlesarequitegood. But seriously, whilst this sounds kind of fun, I imagine it would spawn some more injuries from people who don't have boards attempting to hijack surfers. Actually that sounds like a lot of fun. Ramming Speed!   

       Also; pugel sticks for the slam pit. Cool.
Zircon, Mar 11 2005

       //You should have waited for the next "... and you will know us by the trail of dead" show. They have proper haircuts and know the value of not wearing army-surplus clothing, while being VERY rock. Murdoch, Mar 11 2005 //
It's Steps!. You're talking about Steps aren't you!. Or else Blue or someone!
Or see linky for Ultimate Metal Mayhem.
gnomethang, Mar 11 2005


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