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mouse tracker

tracks the mouse after it leaves the trap
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using an rfid and bluetooth this tiny device attaches to the mouses back as it enters the trap, and from then on you can follow it on your smartphone and see where it went, by triangulation with the trap serving as base.
pashute, Oct 31 2015


       I would pay for this. [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 31 2015

       //after it leaves the trap// there's a flaw in this somewhere, can't quite put my finger on it.
FlyingToaster, Oct 31 2015

       Don't. You'll get your finger trapped. er. I mean tracked.
pashute, Oct 31 2015

       Yes this is something to wrap around his head or to wrap his head around, the mouse will get suspicious that he is being watched from above as some would suggest anamals would to predation. I wonder how long the mouse will take to suspect it.
guncandy, Oct 31 2015

       + for max's anno. (tried to give one for '1337 for mathematic1ans' but found I already gave that. so Toast Net)
pashute, Jan 25 2018

       Hmmm... then maybe link the system to a predator drone?
mofosyne, Jan 26 2018

       <looks at app> What are do all these ultra blue lines, scribbled over our house plans, indicate? </looks at app>
wjt, Jan 28 2018


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