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Mozzie eating cockroach or vice versa

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Using Intelligent Des....sorry, evolution I wish to find a way out of the humans/cockroaches/mosquitoes triangle.

So, one large glass tank, it is then filled with a mixture of mosquitoes and cockroaches, and not much else, maybe some water. Over time either mozzie-eating cockroach or a mozzie that eats cockroaches should arise.

It might take a while, even with their fast breeding cycles, but eventually we might be able to leave the humans out of the equation altogether.

Might have to toss in some real food if the breeding populations fall too small..

No magic, no GM etc

NB None of this "I saw a man eating fish the other day" joke, it's too passe.

not_morrison_rm, Aug 18 2014


       This could be a LOT more coherent. As I understand it you want to breed a cockroach that eats mosquitoes or a mosquito that eats cockroaches. The problem is your method: A mosquito may be bred (probably exists) that can feed off cockroaches but it probably prefers humans and you haven't done anything to weaken that preference. Furthermore mosquitoes will always evolve to use the best available food supply. As long as humans aren't sufficiently deadly and hard to get to mosquitoes will want to eat them. And adding a single, very uncommon food source to a roach's diet is useless.

You would be much better off dumping loads of dragonfly larva everywhere you don't want mosquitoes.
Voice, Aug 18 2014

       Dragonflies are pretty.   


       " This could be a LOT more coherent "   

       I had to go look that punchline up, I'd never heard the joke.   

       " I saw a man eating fish the other day.   

       I think it was halibut, but he'd already eaten half of it and had mostly chips left. "
normzone, Aug 18 2014

       //This could be a LOT more coherent.// Strangely, that's the title of my upforthcoming autobiography.   

       The whole closed-tank thing could end badly with some sort of hybrid emerging. You really don't want inch-long mosquitoes that breed in garbage.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 18 2014


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