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Motorbike and Side-Cow

motorbike with mechanical bovine attachment
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Motorbikes and side cars used to be popular in the UK, especially in the 50s, and I lament their passing, so I'm launching a new variation entitled Motorbike and Side-Cow.

As the name appropriately suggests, this is an arrangement that comprises of a fairly conventional motorcycle, attached to one side of which is a small mechanical cow, its legs being powered by a shaft drive which takes its power from the main bike engine.

There is no particular advantage to the arrangement. In fact it's probably fairly inefficient, with the cow's mechanism requiring quite a lot of power to get the legs all moving in synch with the bike's road speed, but think how much fun it would be, particularly as the passenger, riding around clinging to that cow's back, with its hooves clattered along the road.

xenzag, Jul 19 2012

Mount Cheesemore, and more http://trifter.com/...ple-do-with-cheese/
[Phrontistery, Jul 19 2012]

An early prototype http://keywordingce...rding-sidecars.html
[normzone, Jul 19 2012]

Their were problems with communicating the design revisions to the production facility http://www.myunusua...pix/bull%20bike.jpg
[normzone, Jul 19 2012]

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       [+] Motorbikes.   

       You nay find that in the North-Eastern USA, there's a market for a version with a deer instead of a cow. So far, attempts on that region to produce a motorcycle-deer hybrid have been markedly unsuccessful.   

       In wales, sheep are favoured (nothing to do with the idea, though)
8th of 7, Jul 19 2012

       ^Har. Har. Har.   

       In Russia, there has been a resurgence in popularity for bikes with powered sidecars, especially dual-sport and off- road models. They even run Motocross-style sidecar races, which are as dangerous (for the riders and sidecar passengers) as they are entertaining to watch. Caught one on sattelite one night at my Dad's house, and was riveted to it for 90 minutes or so.
Alterother, Jul 19 2012

       That is a very interesting link, [Phrontistery], and perfect to illustrate many subtle aspects of this motorcycle and bovine themed idea. If you have any more links even half as relevant I would love to see them!
pocmloc, Jul 19 2012

       This is one of those 'I've been here longer than you' attempts at sarcasm, isn't it? Still, if it matters to you, pocmloc, I can always email you before I post to ensure that what I'd like to add meets with your approval.
Phrontistery, Jul 19 2012

       // This is one of those 'I've been here longer than you' attempts at sarcasm, isn't it? //   

       Not at all [Phront]. I think I can safely speak on good [poc]'s behalf when I say that it's actually a 'you are now fully accepted as one of us and are therefore a legitimate target for unbridled mockery' attempt at sarcasm. If Halfbakery elitism bothers you, the best remedy is to join in on it.
Alterother, Jul 19 2012

       Of course, the transition from "newbie" to "Fully accepted member and officially recognised target" can be kind of difficult to detect …
8th of 7, Jul 19 2012

       ...and unexpectedly traumatic.
Alterother, Jul 19 2012

       // kind of difficult to detect //   

       ...at least until The Mark is made. We must forgather the elders, and bring The Blade and The Civet.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 19 2012


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