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Movie Marathon Mode

Skip the titles and credits
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When I watch a TV series from a DVD boxed set, I usually like to watch a lot of episodes back to back.

Wouldn't it be nice if they had a Movie Marathon Mode, where the intro titles play only at the very beginning of the disk, the usual credits are skipped and special credits for the whole disk play only at the very end.

All the instances of "previously" scenes are skipped entirely.

talldave, Jun 30 2008

my own horn i be blowing Made-for-DVD_20Episodes
a partial, I didn't think of a specific mode though (I like it) [FlyingToaster, Jun 30 2008]


       Can you bundle it with a pizza IV so I don't have to chew all the time?
placid_turmoil, Jun 30 2008

       Good idea and easy as they could have it as an option in the DVD menu (+)
MisterQED, Jun 30 2008

       placid_turmoil: That's fair. I was born in the year of the sloth.   

       In my meager defense, I was inspired when watching a DVD box set of the Superman animated series. They have 1/2 tv hour episodes (about 21 minutes of actual content) and it was just getting a little tedious.
talldave, Jul 02 2008

       defending tossed buns ? that's annoyingly modest.
FlyingToaster, Jul 02 2008


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