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Trailers: Now Yours to Own

A shitload of movie trailers, teasers and commercials on DVD.
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I like watching movie trailers, whether on video, dvd or at the movies. Some (well, alot actually) are duds, but some invoke giddy excitement and exclamations such as "That was awesome!" or "Whoa!". The Episode One trailer was one example of an excellent trailer.

Now how about packaging hundreds of trailers and teasers on DVD in widescreen and encoded in Dolby 5.1 (or even DTS)? Lots of people would sit for hours watching trailers (there's variety), and the studios could justify this in the fact that they are ADVERTISING as well.

Potentially this wouldn't cost too much, as most trailers are available free of charge on the net.

mrkillboy, Nov 11 2000


       Been done already. There was a movie called "Coming Attractions" (it even had a sequel!) of nothing but...you guessed it! I had some friends who worked in a local Arts Theater that was showing this one. All of the Coming Attractions were of really odd B movies, and a number of enjoyed the spectacle of mixing this movie with hallucinogens after the theater closed (The riot going on outside the theater that night was fun to watch too).
Furthur, Dec 16 2000


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