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Moving Alarm

Grows little legs and walks away...
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Being the unproud owner of several alarm clocks, all which happened to meet an mysterious end, I seem to keep finding them smashed beside me on school mornings... I blame my sister. Never mind that.

To avoid people breaking your alarm clock, or to get yourself up early, when it goes off in the morning, instead of letting you sleep in for 10 mins, it will crawl up the wall. If you fail to get up within the 10 mins, it will start a flashing light. If you fail to get up after that, it will do an annoying noise and it will have a flashing light as well.

After that, it will land on you and crawl onto your face (I wish that there was a product: alarm clock: evil category...), this would feel really disturbing and creepy...

I know from experience that you can't sleep if you keep on having a flashing light in front of your eyes, so you'be be bound to get up after that.

froglet, Mar 27 2005

MIT's "Clocky" http://bicillin.media.mit.edu/clocky/
It moves. [bristolz, Mar 27 2005]


       Baked: this is a cat. Well, except the flashing light, obviously. Although that could probably be remedied...   

       The idea of having an alarm clock that moves in the night and isn't where you left it is a very good one. Reminds of an amusing game we used to play in our student house, involving setting a very annoying (and loud) 'hello kitty' alarm clock to go off at 3am and hiding it in someone's room. Ah, great days...
moomintroll, Mar 27 2005

       Yeah, I do this to my sister (being an evil twin is fun!), except my alarm clock sounds like a tornado warning system when turned to full blast, so it gives everyone a fright. (thank god there are such things as thick walls)
froglet, Mar 27 2005


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