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Last Resort Alarm Clock

better get out of bed now …
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An alarm clock with an extra feature: it explodes after five minutes if you don’t get up. Not with a great deal of force, but with enough noise and smoke to wake the neighbors and bring the local Fire Department rushing to your house.

You may ask, “But how will this help me get out of bed in the morning?” Simple; between the embarrassment of causing a huge scene and the expense of cleaning up the mess (and replacing the alarm clock) you will never oversleep again.

Bonus feature: The Last Resort Alarm Clock provides a perfect excuse for being late to work, but only once - your boss will never believe that your house caught on fire twice.

nuclear hobo, May 27 2007

Jigsaw Puzzle Alarm Clock http://gizmodo.com/...rm-clock-032138.php
explodes [dragice, May 28 2007]


       Sounds like it would just make sleeping in and calling in sick that much more fun. [+]
Giblet, May 27 2007

       Airlines might have a problem with the travel version. [-]
Giblet, May 27 2007

       Passing out after too many drinks with your face near it would kidna suck. [-]
Giblet, May 27 2007

       Actually, I'd just make it explode immediatelty after buying it for fun. [+]
Giblet, May 27 2007

       Was hoping for a clock that plays an MP3 of the final track on "Hotel California"
coprocephalous, May 28 2007


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