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Shower Alarm Button
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If you are like me you set your alarm clock a half hour earlier than you have to so you can use the snooze alarm a half dozen times.

So I think that I should have an alarm clock sound next to my bed, but the button to turn it off is in the shower. Then as soon as you push the button the alarm stops the shower starts and you can wake up. For me I sleep naked anyways so I don't have to worry about getting my clothes wet.

Lang_zai, Sep 14 2003


       Did you have to put the part about sleeping naked? Now I have to get an alarm to turn me off. You're a woman, right?
NotSoQuick, Nov 03 2003

       I'd want to have it where hitting the snooze button triggers the shower to go off. That is, unless you enjoy the feel of ice-cold water that first comes out of the showerhead when you first turn it on!
muzer, Nov 04 2003

       Since I started living in the dorm, I've only slept naked once. I thought my roommate wasn't coming back home till the next afternoon. I already have my alarm clock across the room. Well, the alarm woke her up first off and then it seriously disturbed her to see me walking across the room naked at 8:30am. hehehe
flamingcrackmonkey, Nov 04 2003

       [FCM] Why? Unless of course you are indeed a monkey and have flames coming out of your bum crack.
squeak, Nov 04 2003


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