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Moving Restaraunt

get up and move it
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restaraunts tend to get a lot of attention when they first come to an area. so you take a trolley car or something similar and you have a retaraunt on board with picnic tables out side. then after two weeks or so when the popularity dies down you move to a new location in the city, or to another city/town. constantly moving your location will get you alot of notoritity. pretty soon people will hear when your coming to their city/town and youll get even more buisness that happens. The restaraunt buisness is very hard to get into maybe this is something that might help a aspiring restaraunt owner.
yuridasuks, Aug 13 2008

baked http://www.google.c...VXA:en&q=taco+truck
let's have tacos [jaksplat, Aug 13 2008]


       //Moving menu   

       You could have different culture menus and the waitstaff change accents accordingly.
leinypoo13, Aug 13 2008

       What happened to [4whom]'s anno?
theleopard, Aug 13 2008

       Gypsy cuisine? I'm thinking of goulash.
pertinax, Aug 13 2008

       For a good read, try " Cowboy Feng's Bar & Grill ". That restaurant changes planets whenever a nuclear bomb goes off nearby.
normzone, Aug 13 2008


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