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The Restaurant Above

What happens in the cars, stays in the cars.
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This could lend itself to something either very high-class or laid back. I'll go with high-class for the description. (I keep thinking this may already be baked, but I've been searching everywhere and I can't find anything even vaguely related, so I assume it's original.)

You arrive at the top of the building, not an unusual place for a restaurant. The lobby is decorated in the generic fancy royal-reds-and-purples you've seen many times before. The waiters and waitresses come to you while you are waiting and hand you the menus. Be sure you order everything you'll want, they stress, because you won't get the chance later. You make your selection. There are appetizers are on a buffet table. You eat a few, and wait.

Soon you are taken out to a sort of covered deck. The cable cars emerge from the kitchen. A waiter politely announces the food contained in each car, and the groups board the one that matches.

You step in and see a table set elegantly with your food and a pitcher or bottle of whatever drink you prefer. There are windows on all sides, and a large transparent pane (very thick plastic, like the kind used in public aquariums, would be good here) in the floor where you can watch the city below. You could opt for a covered floor if you're not good with heights or just don't want everyone below to see what goes on. (You just know there'd be some guys who walk below the cars with binoculars.)

The car begins to move slowly as you dine with your companions. The ride is about an hour long. The temperature and lighting can be controlled from inside the car. During the day, the view is lovely. At night, it is spectacular.

You arrive at the other end and step off. The cars continue to another kitchen, where they are emptied and cleaned off.

The system isn't flawless. The people who empty these cars at the end might encounter some really unpleasant things. Hot or cold desserts will not stay that way. And God help you if you start fighting with the people in the car.

weezy, Jun 06 2006


       This is really, really nice.
Welcome to the halfbakery [weezy].
methinksnot, Jun 06 2006

       i like it. very cool.
tcarson, Jun 07 2006

       Are there any restrooms? Maybe every fourth car or so could be a necessary, with swinging trapezes to get to them. In that case, a really big bun.
Rm Brz, Jun 07 2006

       [+] Great idea [weezy]. My only concern is the rest-room thing .. I pee lots!
kuupuuluu, Jun 08 2006

       Nice idea [+]. I think a cable suspended above the Thames would work well, especially at night. Welcome to the .5B, [weezy].
Mr Phase, Jun 08 2006

       for a more self-contained version, why not convert the London Eye into one of these?
webfishrune, Jun 08 2006

       I can see the locked room murder mystery story set in one of these.
normzone, Jun 08 2006

       What if someone started choking or had an emergency (heart failure)? Maybe a release handle with a parachute on the top of the car?
MoreCowbell, Jun 09 2006

       Yeah. Cool idea. Similar to what I saw in that dream in the late 1980's. That dream included what can only be called Cartoon Network.   

       Ski Lift Restaurant Ski_20Lift_20Restaurant   

       I think your version of this is a bit better than mine, though I think an open chair might be better for "wilderness" scenic stuff. Or maybe not.   

Xenophile, Jul 21 2006


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