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Ski Lift Restaurant

Dinner with a View
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Ski lift-type chairs would be kept waiting at the door, and would include menues, as well as tray-styled tables. After you'd strapped yourself in, your chair would start moving. It would take you through the cafeteria-style buffet, and servers would hand the food to you. Perhaps you have to make your order over a speaker before the chair would start moving. Anyway, after you got your food, the chair would move along a scenic route, say over a beach, through a grove, and next to a waterfall.
Xenophile, Jul 17 2006

The Restaurant Above The_20Restaurant_20Above
already here [Rm Brz, Jul 19 2006]

Dinner In The Sky http://www.dinnerinthesky.com
You and 21 of your best friends are strapped into special chairs with 4-point seat belts around a large dinnertable and suspended 50 meters above the ground by crane. About EUR 7900 ($15,000US) covers an on-board chef, waiter, entertainment and your choice of views by this Belgian company. [jurist, Jul 19 2006]


       I like the view idea but why do people keep coming up with ideas to move my table around when I'm tying to eat?
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Jul 17 2006

       they don't want you to get complacent [spoon].
tcarson, Jul 17 2006

       I can sometimes barely use a spoon, let alone use one while trying to take in the view, let alone trying to use one while taking in the view with my chair and table flinging me around like the teacup ride at Disneyland.   

       Complacent is not real fear of my at this juncture of my eating career.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Jul 17 2006

       impalations should probably be kept at a minimum i agree. i think we need to send [spoon] on a spoon-wielding safari adventure class of some sort.
tcarson, Jul 17 2006

       I like this idea, but how do the wait staff refresh your drink?   

       Checkpoint A (distance 1 mile) has a waiter saying "How's everything?" "How's everything?" "How's everything?"   

       If you've dropped your fork or need a new drink, yell it out as you pass and that waiter can radio to the waiter at Checkpoint B who will hand you your replacement.
phundug, Jul 17 2006

       Do these chairs flush?
Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 17 2006

       What happens when it's raining?
xandram, Jul 17 2006

       I'd like to see an entire restaurant moving up and down the slope. Maybe you could use the restaurant's own waste water for a funicular system.
moomintroll, Jul 17 2006

       "Uh, waiter? A larger bird just landed in my soup."   

       Fabio will have the goose.
baconbrain, Jul 18 2006

       sp. "restaurant"
DrCurry, Jul 18 2006

       Redundant idea. And not as nicely done.
Rm Brz, Jul 19 2006

       Rm_Brz: actually, different kind of ski-lift - this one is the open chair type, while the one you link to uses cable cars. And your link has an inadvertent "addlink" in it.
DrCurry, Jul 19 2006

       [Rm Brz], thanks. This is a very similar idea. Did it come to you in a dream in the late 1980's? I'm actually kind of glad that somebody beat me to this here. I think your version might be a bit better. [jurist], I haven't checked this out yet, but I will. Sounds cool. [dr curry], thanks for the spelling correction. I have changed it. [phundug], you make a point. Perhaps the tables do need those intercoms after all.
Xenophile, Jul 21 2006

       I kept avoiding this idea knowing exactly what it would be.   

       I was correct, but I think I like it anyway. [+]
shapu, Jul 21 2006

       It's just not practical.
audioiv, Jul 23 2006

       It's probably in the right place then.
hidden truths, Jul 23 2006


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