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Brownie and Coffee Shop

Mix things up
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A shocking cafe, talk of the town,
Arrive, be seated, pack away your frown!

Your seat is mounted right on steel,
Steel bearings for the smoothest feel!

Dancing magnets underfoot,
Stops everything from staying put.

(If they gently touch each other --
they redirect without much bother.)

So, sets of chairs and tables, shamelessly,
Moving about quite aimlessly!

Order brown desserts, and browner drinks
Who cares just what your mother thinks!,

You and yours shift noiselessly,
Not fixed but so very free.

As you consummate your snack,
Looking forward and not back,

You see people come and go,
The scenery changes to and fro!

So brilliantly the teatime spent.
Who knows where all the time just went!

mylodon, Nov 12 2022

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[21 Quest, Nov 12 2022]

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[pertinax, Nov 12 2022]

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       I'm having a tough time visualizing this. Is it anything like the Clockwork Buffet?
21 Quest, Nov 12 2022

       I fail to see the connection between coffee, brownies, and moving scenery but this is an entertaining read and a worthy idea. [+]
Voice, Nov 12 2022

       If we assume a Dutch coffee shop [Voice] then the brownies are a little more interesting, explaining the moving scenery.
Skewed, Nov 12 2022

       Do the Dutch put mushrooms in their coffee?
21 Quest, Nov 12 2022

       I've tried to make the idea more clear. I did not see the clockwork buffet - which is similar but also, clockwork. This is more - anti-clockwork.
mylodon, Nov 12 2022

       No [21] I don't think so, but they might do you an omelette to go with your coffee if you ask nicely.
Skewed, Nov 12 2022

       Needs more bounce> Brownian Coffees Hop   

       [+] for physics [+] for chocolate [+] for caffeine
Sgt Teacup, Nov 12 2022

       + I like it…thinking office chairs on rails, using oars for navigation.
xandram, Nov 12 2022

       Ideally there needs to be some amplification of caffeine jitters to initiate the movement. Optical measurement, transmitted to power a single swivelling wheel under the driving magnet? Some measurement of heart rate?   

       If people arrive to sit, they may find their place has shot off across the room. Sitting down will be the hardest part of all this. Unless, like a teacup ride at the fair, you sit, they lock the gates, and then push the button. No getting off until it is over!
mylodon, Nov 13 2022

       I want to go!
Treejuice, Nov 16 2022

       You should have gone before we left.
pertinax, Nov 16 2022


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