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Reverse Sushi Restaurant

Turning the Tables
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Some sushi restaurants have converyor belts of food wending their lazy way past the tables of diners. Another way to achieve the same effect would be to keep the food stationary and move the diners and their tables.

Pitch up at the restaurant door, grab a passing table, and travel through the kitchens, the bar - and who knows, perhaps some live entertainment - picking up your desired comestibles on the way. After a couple of laps, you can get off again - replete and perhaps a little dizzy - at the door.

Possible "theme" dinners include: Formula 1 (crank up the speed), Ghost Train (scary) and Tunnel of Love (for Valentine's night).

whimsickle, Oct 18 2002

Rotating tables http://www.halfbake...Restaurant_20Tables
Zircon's same-parish-different-grid-reference idea. [General Washington, Oct 18 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       For fans of Shirley & Laverne.   

       [link]. Regardless of food quality, it's clear that a lot of us are totally suckered by moving parts. I wonder if this is mainly a buck-geek & not a doe-geek thing. I can't see my ladyfriends being too impressed when our table goes over the peak & trundles towards the loop-de-loop... "The cork! Put the cork in the wine!" I shout over the building noise...
General Washington, Oct 18 2002

       This reminds me of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland(Anaheim, CA). Riders board boats that navigate a lazy canal through a port-city occupied by eighteenth century pirates. At one point, the boats pass within arm's length of one of Disneyland's more upscale white-tablecloth restaurants beneath a romantic star-studed sky (or, rather, a convincingly close approximation thereof). It would be very easy to add quay-side meal service delivery to this attraction. And with the hour-long waits in queue, there's ample time to browse a menu and place your order in advance.
jurist, Oct 18 2002

       I like this idea.
DrBob, Oct 18 2002

       Dang. I was going to suggest this, then forgot about it. (Except mine was a riff on the kind of sushi bar with food floating on a table-top stream, hence patrons would sit on little islands that float lazily along a circular river, past the various chef stations.) Oh well.
DrCurry, Oct 18 2002

       [UB] Yes - although courtesy would dictate that there would be M and F seats, which would segregate appropriately at the relevant stage.   

       [DrC] Must post my "Patent Psychic Posting Pincher" idea before I forget. Love the aqueous element in your version.
whimsickle, Oct 18 2002

       Genius. +   

       Not sure about the 'Tunnel of Love Sushi Night' , though... ;-)
moomintroll, Nov 16 2004

       this idea is so great. I want some Benny Hill music playing also as we are whisked around the restaurant .
benfrost, Nov 16 2004

       I like the sushi river idea, but it's highly impractical to put your average diners in a boat and not have some problems: motion sickness, people dropping things in the water, the need for life guards in case someone jumps in. The original idea as is would be ideal for a rotating restaurant.(+)
jaksplat, Dec 18 2004


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