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Mr Mad Men

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Roger Hargreaves' brilliant story of advertising executives in 1960's New York.
hippo, Sep 27 2010

Mr Men (1977) http://www.youtube....watch?v=EvfOMG2tF_4
Narrated by Arthur Lowe. [Jinbish, Sep 27 2010]

"Mr Men Show" http://www.youtube....watch?v=UOmiKugbBK0
Not narrated by Arthur Lowe [Jinbish, Sep 27 2010]


       Unless you get Arthur Lowe to narrate it, it'll be a fishbone from me. Everything Mr. Men, in recent years, is just not the same without him.(Geoffrey Palmer had a valiant effort in the 90s)   

       Also - trying to reconcile Don Draper & Joan Holloway with Mr Cool & Little Miss Splendid
Jinbish, Sep 27 2010

       OK, I'll get Arthur Lowe to narrate it.
hippo, Sep 27 2010

       Good man.
Jinbish, Sep 27 2010

       He died in 1982, so the narration will be entirely made up from cutting and splicing existing Mr Men narrations.
hippo, Sep 27 2010

       "Don't tell 'im Pike!"
Jinbish, Sep 27 2010

       How about a _real_ Mr. Mad Med? Mr. Manic Depressive, Mr. Tourette's, Mr. Schizophrenia? Much hilarity ensues.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 27 2010

       Mr Mad Max, beyond the Thunderdome. In which Mr Happy, Mr Stong and Mr Bump all live in a post-apocalyptic scavenger society run by Little Miss Tina Turner. Mr Mad Max turns up, with his chainsaw and triggers a societal revolution before driving off with all the oil.
zen_tom, Sep 27 2010

       Mr Madam, In which Mr Happy, Mr Strong and Mr Bump travel across Australia in a tour bus called Priscilla and people call them rude names.
DrBob, Sep 27 2010

       Mr Point, in which Mr Shrub, Mr Wolf and Mr Rumpot invade a few Middle Eastern countries and mire their country in an endless, unwinnable war.
infidel, Sep 27 2010

       All the President's Mr. Men... etc., etc.
Jinbish, Sep 27 2010

       Mr. ’Baker, in which a load of lonely guys get their thrills from reading a dubious website.
pocmloc, Sep 27 2010


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