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Old soundtrack new cartoon

Use sounds and music of old shows with new cartoons.
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There have been many, many TV shows. All have sound including dialogue and often excellent music. I propose that the sound be taken from the shows intact and used as the sound and music track for a new cartoon show.

This cartoon show would not be related to the original subject of the TV shows used. In fact, each episode would use a different show (one entire episode in its entirety) as its source sound. The cartoon characters are the same ones in each episode (minor characters coming and going, as they do) and so different voices episode to episode would be less jarring. Appearances could be modified slightly to acknowledge the source work: for example sounds from an episode of Magnum PI might require the character speaking with Magnum's voice to have a moustache.

These episodes would not at all duplicate what happened in the source TV show, but have original action and drama, just using the same lines and music as the original live action TV show. Episodes would be constrained by dialogue as regards what exactly goes on, but some attempt at continuity from show to show could be attained by depicting cartoon action without dialogue.

Reading this now it does not seem as hilariously funny as it seems thinking about it. I blame my stilted prose style.

bungston, Nov 04 2016

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       I think it would be best for one person to choose a good show and then the writers to listen to the show with no picture. Those pictures are distracting. The writers imagine their characters with the sounds they hear.   

       It may be disconcerting for some viewers that the characters have not only different voices, but different names from episode to episode. Disconcerted viewers will be deemed aged and unready for the millenium, and invited to instead again enjoy the original episodes of Grizzly Adams, Doctor Murphy, Simon & Simon and the like.
bungston, Nov 04 2016


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