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Mucus Inspection Vessel

A most disgusting way to get a good diagnosis.
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Its a clear orb with a vacuum pump that suctions the mucus from your nose and displays it for all to see just in front of your upper lip. You would wear this like goggles for your nostrils.

The doctor gets to see what color the slime is and that helps make a diagnosis.

vfrackis, Apr 26 2009


       You can do more. Include a microscope and some antibody strip thingies and you have a more sophisticated diagnostic doohickey. [+]
nineteenthly, Apr 26 2009

       This could also be useful for mucus abatement
Jscotty, Apr 26 2009

       I don't think so. I think it'd just be replaced by more enthusiastic slime.
nineteenthly, Apr 26 2009

       This is an excellent idea! It would be a real boon, and is eminently do-able. It could....oh, hang on, I'm on the wrong idea.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 26 2009


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