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No more blood-sucking needles

For women, instead of drawing blood through the veins, blood samples are collected through their period
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Some people don't like needles.

Needles, while usually administered sterile, can harbour unseen viruses (who knows where the doctors put it)

Needles should only be used for drugies.

If you're anti-needle, then why can't they test the blood you are passing out anyway?? ! !

Why waste menstral flow? If you're gonna bleed, it might as well be for something.

chaoticmind, Oct 16 2003


       you don't know much about the human body do you?
po, Oct 16 2003

       dear oh dear.
jonthegeologist, Oct 16 2003

       [chaoticmind] Are you by any chance one of the following?:
a) 14 years old
b) male
c) hugely misinformed
d) a bit thick
e) all of the above.
squeak, Oct 16 2003

       thinking positively , might be able to harvest proteins / chemicals , very rich biochemistry .
wjt, Oct 16 2003

       How about eating it like people do with their placenta? It could be the next big thing among Guardian readers (UK liberal broadsheet). Urghh. Forget I said that.
squeak, Oct 16 2003

       Imagine how long you'd be waiting for a pregnancy blood test.
Helium, Oct 16 2003

       //You might wanna purchase a manual on women's bodies //   

       ...but don't read "Fascinating Womanhood" until after you're sexually active because it ruins all the surprises.
Helium, Oct 16 2003

       Um, it's um, more fun to discover and/or think you made something up yourself than to read about it in a "how to" book first. I've never been one for reading instructions, until *after* I find one screw left over.
Helium, Oct 16 2003

       // *after* I find one screw left over.   

       What can I say...   

       Just don't read a book during the act. Unless your both consenting bibliophiles, that is.
Brummo, Oct 16 2003

       great debut [chaoticmind] - is there an idea lurking in the background somewhere (-)
neilp, Oct 16 2003

       Quite possibly the best idea on HB since vagina potatos.
Are you related to tustin?
sufc, Oct 16 2003

       Why does everyone think I'm a guy?   

       And what is wrong with menstral blood?   

       Possibly it might contain different concentrations of hormones that the blood drawn from your veins.   

       If you had the machinery to filter it, everything would be alright, to purify it.   

       Like wjt said, rich bio-chemistry.   

       Everyone here is just afraid of words like 'period' or to link something back to a taboo.   

       What difference is it really from the blood running through different parts of our bodies?? It's all made the same way.
chaoticmind, Oct 19 2003

       Why would you purify blood before testing it? Doesn't this defeat the purpose of testing it?   

       Nothing's wrong with menstrual blood but it's unlikely to be suitable for testing purposes because it will be impossible to collect it in a sterile manner, it has a different composition from venous blood and it would be spectacularly inconvenient. Personally I find it much easier for the nurse to collect a vial of blood from my arm than from anywhere else.   

       Dunno about your doctors surgery but if the needles aren't sterile from viruses you want to find a new doctor quick. And I sincerely hope you never have to have any major operations or medication if you think "needles are for druggies".
hazel, Oct 19 2003

       [Chaoticmind], the thing to realize about menstrual blood is that it isn't just blood. It's loaded with cells. The uterine lining breaks down during menstruation, and what you will see, if you were to analyze the blood, would be thousands upon thousands of sloughed-off cells. This puts all sorts of proteins, membranes, organelles, and other materials which don't belong in the blood into the menstrual blood. That is why it is, for the most part, unfit for testing. Not to mention that the vagina, unlike a vein, is open to contamination from the environment, meaning that you could also get lord-knows-what into your sample as well (for example: soap).
Overpanic, Nov 01 2003

       //who knows where the doctors put it//   

       i think doctors are supposed to use sterile needles everytime and that hardly has anything to do with your argument.
lolzcakes, May 21 2006


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