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A Muffler for your Dyson
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A device that silences your hoover so that you can listen to the TV, or Radio while you hoover without blasting your ears when you switch the hoover off. It would fit like a car muffler and would be standard on all models, giving everyone in your family a peaceful time as you clean the carpets.

[My PC thinks it's a hoover]

[ sctld ], May 05 2001

(?) Building a quiet PC http://www.ocshoot.com/quietpc.htm
A DIY story. [bristolz, Jun 02 2002]

Quiet PC http://www.quietpcusa.com/
A company specializing in quiet systems and system components. [bristolz, Jun 02 2002]

(?) Miele Vacuum -- Quiet http://www.miele-vacuum.com/artico.html
Unbelievably quiet vacuum, er, Hoover. (but wait . . . it can't be a Hoover because it's a Miele). [bristolz, Jun 02 2002]


       <off-topic> What I want to know is, how did the Hoover Corp. score a generic term over there? Over here Kleen-ex, Jell-O and Q-Tip have done it (not to mention PC). Coke is pretty close. Camper used to be a brand name as well. Is it just chance, or do these companies have local strategic language incursion squads?</off-topic>   

       By the way, can you Midas that vacuum cleaner of yours? I can't hear the Toshiba.
globaltourniquet, May 05 2001

       "PC" is not a corporate name. It stands for "Personal Computer", which is a perfectly reasonable description for the concept; if anything, it's underapplied rather than overapplied (most people don't call Macs PCs, even though they are, literally speaking, personal computers).   

       If we had a tendency to call all computers IBMs, that would be something else, but nobody does that any more.   

       More expensive vacuums are generally quieter. The quietest vacuum of all is also close to the most expensive: a central vacuum for your home. (The "power nozzle" will still make noise, if you have one, but that's relatively minimal.)
egnor, May 05 2001

       Someone had one hell of a quiet vacuum here the other day <I'm at work>. I was on the phone and he came up behind me and I didn't notice him until he bumped the bottom of my chair with the nozzle of the vacuum...
StarChaser, May 06 2001

       Rods: Of course your vaccum sucks. It wouldn't be a very good vaccum if it didn't.
nick_n_uit, May 06 2001

       Can anyone tell me what they personally call a thing that plays 78 RPM records powered by a spring?
Amishman35, Jun 01 2002

       I'd call it the only gadget that Amishman35 is familiar with.
neelandan, Jun 01 2002

       An ornament.
drew, Jun 01 2002

       Record player. Were you looking for Victrola?   

       It's my understanding that vacuum cleaner manufacturers can make vacuum cleaners quieter (and have). The problem is that nobody buys them because they don't sound powerful enough. People associate the sound with capability.
phoenix, Jun 02 2002

       sounds like an idea there for you phoenix, a quiet vacuum that indicates its power in some other way - a visual effect or a tactile effect? just musing...or perhaps it could whisper... "I am a huge, throbbing, powerful beast..."
po, Jun 02 2002

       "Hell", he said, "just put a vacuum gauge on the thing. And don't forget the clutched beater brush...". Then mumbled "I am a huge, throbbing, powerful beast." under his breath.
phoenix, Jun 02 2002

       ///Record player. Were you looking for Victrola?\\\ Yes..."Victrola". That trademark has been used for any wind-up gramophone when in fact, there is something special about a Victrola that a Victor doesn't have. Can anybody guess what that special thing is?
Amishman35, Jun 17 2002

       A penis?
[ sctld ], Sep 29 2002

       An internal horn?
bristolz, Sep 29 2002


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