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Mullah Mohammed

Sitcom about Muslim Clerics
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With the sad passing of Dermot Morgan, no more of the marvellous 'Father Ted' TV sitcom will be made. We will no longer be able to roar at the antics of the three drunken, idiotic and venal catholic priests dwelling on a remote Irish island.

Rather than attempt to revive the series with a different actor, and in a true spirit of ecumenicism, we should now have a followup involving another major world religion. Enter Mullah Mohammed, and his two bungling collegues, living in a remote village somewhere in rural Iran.

I'm sure that this would be a great hit, and do much to restore the tarnished reputation of Islamic fundamentalism worldwide. Come on budding scriptwriters! Before you can say 'Fatouah' you'll be millionaires!

Mickey the Fish, Aug 16 2000

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       I can see it all... Mummah Mo Scene 1: Act 1: Mo: Oy, nutter! Who drank my che' (tea)<surveys the room, spies concubine with tea dripping from chin> Scene1: Act 2: <drum roll@public punishment square> Hand of concubine falls in basket. <canned laughter> Scene2: Act 1 Mo: Oy nutter, you fail me! <concubine has only one hand> Scene2: Act2: <drumroll@public punishment square> Head of concubine falls in basket. <canned laughter>   

       Join us next week, where Mullah Mo loving restores Quranic dogma and sends fatwah greetings<in the hilarious form of a strippergram> to Mickey the Fish and Salmaan Rushdie. Join us as Salmaan gets 'his dues' and people in the streets of Tehran keep warm in their weekly flag-fire night, stoked well with copies of Satanic Verse. Watch the Pasdah (female police patrol) throw on a few offenders, to toast their marvellous Mullah Mo's mounting (or non, since his concubine is a little 'put out' with his humour) successes. Building to a titivating climax of 'International Child Abduction.'   

       Reviews on last weeks episode :'Treasure Hunt for Ten Year Old Boys who seek unexploded mines with bare feet can be seen on CeeFAX (under B.B.C World service news.) Ya gotta laugh. NOT! Tarnished by Order of Justice.
Justice, Aug 16 2000

       The scriptwriters would, of course, be expected to exercise good taste.   

       `Tarnished' is, perhaps a little strong. I merely meant that such a sitcom could bring out the lighter side of what many in the west have come to see as an overly rigorous religion.
Mickey the Fish, Aug 18 2000

       Saw a web site that did a TV Guide parody of What They're Watching in Afganistan.   

       I Dream of Jihad Oil in the Family Allah McBeal Husseinfield Kids Who say the Darndest Things Will Be put to Death   

       I'll look for it...
MORGWOOD, Feb 26 2002

       Further thoughts: perhaps better to move the location to a remote Hebridean island.. The Isle of Mullah. And I had a couple of ideas for the names of Mo's sidekicks: Mullah Galloway and Mullah Kintyre.   

       Boom Boom.
Mickey the Fish, May 10 2002


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