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MultiStage Javelin

Shoot bolts 'round corners.
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The getaway 'copter was a mere ten seconds away, stationed through a corridor, around a corner, and out the door. 004 knew the soldier would be waiting for him, however. To appear around corner would mean a slug through the forehead, yet the corridor was neither high enough, nor short enough, to permit the toss of a grenade. A slight uphill grade disallowed Bowling Ball Bomb, and from this range, his Eco-Sword was useless.

Reaching down to his ankle, he pulled out his <!--INVENTION PART STARTS HERE--> Multistage Javelin. It was a short aluminum cylinder, about the size of a sprinters' relay baton, designed to be tossed sideways. Positioning himself about four paces from the corner, 004 pitched it ahead, rolling it off his fingertips, and the moment it cleared the bend, he remotely triggered the CO2 discharge. A succinylcholine-tipped dart whizzed perpendicularly towards the guard, sticking him in the shoulder. <!--INVENTION PART ENDS--> After hearing the satisfying "Ow-Thump," the sound unmistakeably produced by the penetration of a chemical-tipped dart penetrating into one's skin and the subsequent collapse due to the induced unconciousness, 004 picked up the launcher, (which had recoiled about half a metre), and bolted towards the exit, foiling the vile schemings of yet another madman.

EDIT: I hope that whatever needed elucidation or rectification was either elucidated or rectified.

Cuit_au_Four, Feb 10 2006


       M-F-D This is a story, not an invention.
Galbinus_Caeli, Feb 10 2006

       I see an invention.
Shz, Feb 10 2006

       I don't see anything.   

       OW! <thump>
wagster, Feb 10 2006

       Completes, shoots and bereaves.
Ling, Feb 10 2006

       wagster: Shouldn't that be [thump]. "Ow!"
Remember, it's always cause then effect, otherwise you'll give the game away.
st3f, Feb 10 2006

       [st3f] Who is [thump]?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 10 2006

       [crash]'s sidekick?
Shz, Feb 10 2006

       Correct [boysparks].
wagster, Feb 10 2006


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