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Toothspaste tubes in animals shapes!
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Basically, the toothpaste comes in fun animal shapes (bear, dog, horse, etc). The fun comes in concering where the toothpaste comes out. As you squeeze the creature, the paste comes out of the backside of the creature and right onto your toothbrush for your personal hygeine pleasure!

This product would appeal especially to prepubescent boys and college students.

As for engineering problems, the toothpase would not fill the entire animal, just the body cavity, so there is no problem with trying to squeeze the toothpaste out of the legs of the animal.

generaltso, Feb 14 2007

yep, I knew it. Zombie_20Toothpaste
[po, Feb 15 2007]


       What a wonderful waste of plastic! Can you make them looking sick with opening at mouth? The possibilities are endless!
TheLightsAreOnBut, Feb 14 2007

       Take a plastic bottle in the shape of X animal, fill it with Y fluid, and have it come out of Z hole. This is what your idea is, [general], generally.   

       //prepubescent boys and college students// redundant.
daseva, Feb 14 2007

       oh dear, I know where this is going...
po, Feb 14 2007

       I see where you're coming from, po.
methinksnot, Feb 14 2007

       Boy howdy.
Texticle, Feb 14 2007

       Mines already shaped like a sea cucumber. Kinda.
Noexit, Feb 15 2007


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