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Multiple homepage browsing

Allows you fit more than one homepage in your screen
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First thing in the morning I like to check several websites, but my computer only has the capacity for me to save one address as my homepage.

I propose a multimple hoopepage tool where by you save up to perhaps nine homepage addesses, so when you open explorer it displayes all your homepages shunk to fit side by side. Clicked links open in new windows, so as not to disrupt your muliple homepage browsing.

Saves one having o type in loads of addresses, or scroll through the favourites menu.

shinobi, Aug 28 2007

FineBrowser http://pcwin.com/In...neBrowser/index.htm
"FineBrowser allows you to view multiple web pages in a single browser window," amongst other things. From a quick Google, so no endorsements. [DrCurry, Aug 28 2007]

Client-side Rendering of Pages http://weblogs.mozi...endering_web_p.html
I think you could write code using this to do what you want. If you have the right client. [gtoal, Aug 28 2007]

Hotlinks http://dev.upian.com/hotlinks/
shared bookmark system that uses thumbnails as well as text descriptions. [jutta, Aug 28 2007]

image rendering using IE's engine http://iecapt.sourceforge.net/
Windows client-side image rendering using IE [gtoal, Aug 28 2007]

And the unix version http://www.boutell.com/webthumb/
OK, I think I've got all the parts now. [gtoal, Aug 28 2007]

extracting text from a web page http://www.delorie.com/web/wpbcv.html
Jutta you can get the text of a web page from here. Turn off all check boxes. (or just use lynx) [gtoal, Aug 28 2007]

Here it is for Firefox! https://addons.mozi.../firefox/addon/4810
Firefox extension that does exactly what you want. Just set it to be your home page. [gtoal, Aug 30 2007]


       Wow, I was thinking this the other day, but rather than post it as an idea I just baked it in a little Flash page, which is now set as my home page. If I get time over the next couple of days I'll put it online and database it so that anyone can use it. The only problem is that you need to allow it to open other windows and I can't find a way to make it open things in new tabs instead of windows.   

       Edit: Doh! I just checked the options in IE7. "To create home page tabs, type each address on its own line"   

       However, having anything as your home page can be quite annoying. What I really want is a 'open my usual sites' button, kinda like the favourites.
marklar, Aug 28 2007

       Well, this WAS baked back with OS/2 3.0 in like 1993. But I have not seen it in anything recently.   

       Tabbed browsing would probably do you a lot of good. Switch to Firefox.
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 28 2007

       Yeah, my Firefox browser has an option for any bookmarks folder or subfolder: Open All In Tabs.   

       For IE, just put all the links you want in a folder somewhere, open it, select all and hit Enter. Then use the toolbar to tile windows.   

       So I agree that what you want is a good thing, really. You might be able to program it into Firefox's code. I gather that it can be modified.
baconbrain, Aug 28 2007

       Coudl easily be baked by writing a simple HTML page that loads preset URLs in to various frameset windows. Has the added advantage you can use a TITLE tag to call the page something like "Intranet homepage" so when you minimise the boss can't see what you're looking at.....
Morals, Aug 28 2007

       This is Baked. I'll link to one such tool. I've seen others, but I don't recall the names.
DrCurry, Aug 28 2007

       Heh. I've built one of these, too - but I don't like tabs. For me, the easiest way to do this in HTML was a sequence of "IFRAME" elements. (It doesn't do the shrinking, though.) One or more of these:   

       <iframe src="http://x.com/" width=800 height=680>
<a href="http://x.com"> http://x.com </a>

       loads x.com (and y.com and z.com/foo ...) on the same page. With a link as fallback if the browser doesn't support IFRAMEs. Then I just scroll down.
jutta, Aug 28 2007

       [Aside: did you know that x.com and z.com exist? Redirecting to, respectively, PayPal and Nissan, respectively. Though I'm disappointed to say that z.com/foo gives a Nissan page not found error message.]
DrCurry, Aug 28 2007

       Nice solutions everyone, but to get the spirit of the guy's suggestion I think the shrinking is critical, which these hacks won't do. Maybe what's needed is one of those tools which renders web pages as an image, then you can shrink the bitmap. Whether you can preserve the shrunken links with an imagemap, or whether a click anywhere in the minipage just takes you to the appropriate homepage or not, I'm not sure - probably should experiment with both. I'll bun it, it's not a bad idea, in fact it could be made into a web service where a web site records your favourite home pages and pre-renders them so you get a quick startup.   

       Probably ad $'s in it too, since there seems to be a lot of incentive for the big sites to aquire people's homepages.
gtoal, Aug 28 2007

       Looking around a bit, I really liked one site (see link) that presented a screenshot and text side-by-side. You could get the text of the most recent item from an RSS feed. (And thanks, gtoal, I know how to get text from a webpage - but that's not the same as getting the *relevant* text from a webpage, the parts that are new, the parts that a portal user is likely to be interested in.)   

       There are online services that serve up thumbnails - websnapr for free, amazon.com for $0.20/1000 - but they're not publishing the date the thumbnail was made, nor give you a way of asking for a fresh one. Hm. Niche?
jutta, Aug 28 2007

       In firefox, you can list multiple URLs in the homepage address to open in different tabs, I think. I don't use homepages myself, since I never close my browser. Even if I do, for a restart or something, firefox remembers all the pages I had open.
ironfroggy, Aug 28 2007

       Kind of to elaborate ironfroggy's annotation, with firefox, you can open all your websites in different tabs, then when you close firefox a box pops up and you click "Close Tabs", and you can turn off your computer or whatever you want, then when you open firefox later, a box pops up and you click "restore session" it then opens up all the websites just as they were.
BJS, Aug 28 2007

       Firefox has a homepage option: Use Current Pages. That's with a plural on "pages". I haven't tried it, as I use a blank page for opening page--I always go to the HB first, though . . ..
baconbrain, Aug 28 2007

       These ideas should be known as: WIBGIMCWDWAMD - wouldn't it be great if my computer would do what a macintosh does.
xenzag, Aug 29 2007

       No, [zenxag] it is WIBGIMSDS
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 29 2007

       Surprised no one has yet mentioned the free Opera browser. Opera has a "Sessions" feature that works well for just this purpose. I've used it for years. Will even display all open pages in tiled thumbnails.
masterchief, Aug 29 2007

       masterchief just beat me to is. Opera has been doing this for several years.
Noexit, Aug 29 2007

       Firefox does this with tabs
cpf, Aug 29 2007

       Opera is like the Simpsons. No matter what you come up with, they did it first.
ironfroggy, Aug 31 2007


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