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Pine Tree Smell

Artificial Christmas Trees that smell real
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How about an aerosol spray that smells like fresh christmas tree smell that you can spray on your artificial tree to make your house smell like Christmas instead of cheap Wal-Mart plastic
capnfuzz, Mar 28 2002

Pine Tree Scent for Artificial Trees http://www.holidaymanor.com/Trees2.asp
This idea is pretty baked as evidenced by this, and many other, links to pine tree scent products. [bristolz, Mar 28 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Essence of Christmas http://essenceofchristmas.co.uk
Christmas tree smell in a bottle pamela@essenceofchristmas.co.uk [pamelahaswell, Oct 15 2004]


       [capnfuzz]: It's generally a good idea to conduct a Web search to see if the idea you are proposing has already been done ('baked') as it has been in this case. See the halfbakery help link for a description of what ideas are good to post here.
bristolz, Mar 28 2002

       It's also a good idea to search the HalfBakery prior to posting.
phoenix, Mar 28 2002

       just off to post "do smelly trees pine?"
po, Mar 28 2002

       This idea is 'baked' but can you buy it? Now there is a thing!
pamelahaswell, May 13 2002


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