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Peeps S'Mores

Shove a little Peeps (TM) marshmallow birdie onto a skewer then into the fire! Add chocolcate, graham crackers, and voila!
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Save those disgustingly cute easter treats for this summers camping trip! Everyone has a bit of pent up cruelty in them. Take your leftover Peeps (manufactured appropriately by Just Born company) and use them over the campfire to make Peeps S'Mores! Yummy! They taste best the more you burn 'em!
sfenwick, Mar 27 2001

(?) Epicurious.com: peep culture http://www.epicurio...2_easter/peeps.html
Recipes include Peep S'mores and Peep Brulee. [jutta, Mar 27 2001]

Samurai Peeps http://classproject...urai_peeps_v1_5.mov
they fight back you know [HalfwayHebrew, Oct 04 2004]


       I bought a box of peeps bunnies this year, cuz the stores were out of chicks. These guys have eyes and noses printed on. The faces started out a little too high at the top of the box, and the ones at the bottom of the box were a little too low. You could read it as a cartoon, if you wanted -- optimism, realism, and then pessimism at the sight of the approaching flame...
moonmoose, Mar 28 2001

       How about stuffing all the leftover peeps into speed bumps? Sure would save a lot of unnecessary custard production.
Wes, Mar 28 2001

       Of course, you'll want to toss the Hershey's bars and use hollow chocolate Easter bunnies. But what about the Graham crackers? Surely you'd want something "cuter" than just the plain flat wafers. Do they make animal crackers in jumbo size?   

       And I agree with Epicurious. They're better after they've aged for about a month.
beauxeault, Mar 28 2001

       I wonder if Hershey makes hollow bunnies.
beauxeault, Mar 28 2001

       Ugh, I don't think this would taste very good. S'mores are perfect already, besides.
gd, Mar 28 2001

       Soooooooooooooo FABULOUS! I will try it on the next camping trip!!! Yeah! Good call!
robinh, Apr 16 2001

       I've been doing this for years, and they're not bad. Definately worth trying once, if only for the hard candy shell you can create from the sugar coating if done right.
Worldgineer, Jan 26 2005

       Mmmmm, sounds good.
Machiavelli, Jan 26 2005


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