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Perfect TreePot

No more needles.
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When I chose my tree before Christmas, a nice man shoved it through a tapered tube and it emerged more compact, and covered with netting.

Well, the TreePot is very similar, except for three things: 1) It is red, made of plasic, and suitably Christmassy enough for it to sit in your home for three weeks. 2) It contating three retractable screws to balance the tree for three weeks. 3) Instead of netting, it has one 'serving' of heavy duty cling film ready to roll.

When Christmas is over, retract the screws. Grab the tree firmly by the trunk, and pull through the TreePot. Your tree is now compact and wrapped, and won't spill pine needles through the house, in your car, in your neighbours porch, and through half of your neighbourhood. Yes, there would still be some pine needles on the floor in the immediate area where you preformed the wrapping, but they'd be easy to hoover.

Fishrat, Jan 05 2004

What's the dif? http://edwardstrees...soriesTreeBags.html
[k_sra, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       I like the good-old fake trees... They last forever and no nasty needles when christmas is over. Now if I could only find a way to get the cat from eating the fake branches. Though I like the idea for you tree butchers out there :/
v0rtexx, Jan 05 2004

       Urban Baling (TM).
Fishrat, Jan 05 2004

       <lifts leg, sprays> so sorry. Couldn't help myself.
The Kat, Jan 05 2004

       k_sra, my TreePots are similar, except that the 'bag' is built into the pot so it looks nicer, but also the nature of pulling the tree through the pot would compact it, and make it much easier to transport to the dump/recycling centre.
Fishrat, Jan 06 2004

       No, they do it wide-base-first, because of the direction of the branches. No doubt, there would be a lot of needle shedding, but only in the corner where you keep the tree. The idea of this invention is that it would prevent needles being dropped en route from the corner of the lounge right the way to the tip/recycling centre.
Fishrat, Jan 06 2004


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