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Music-Video House

House where the rooms are furnished like the sets to rap and rock music videos
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You'd have your crazy Lenny-Kravitz-light-dome room, another room with fans on the floor so you fly around in a brightly colored space suit thing, the bed and bath could be sultry Fionna Apple rooms, and of course a large disco-ball room with multi-colored, lit floors. Every room could have its own sound effects, too: cheering crowds, some funk bass line. Every day would be like living a music video, and it'd be a great place to have your friends over.
smizzou, Jul 02 2001


       You forgot the smoke machines, lasers and the never ending multi-colored tunnel that likes to make an appearance in every rap video.
mrkillboy, Jul 03 2001

       I'ed luv a room that was like being onstage and a room like the 1 KoRn are in the the video "Freak on a leash"
GreeboMaster, Sep 13 2001

       :-) I gave this place half a quassont
GreeboMaster, Sep 13 2001


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