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Music Format

New way of storing music files.
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This is a new format for music files that don't need to be exactly perfect.

Instead of saving the exact frequencies and details of the music, this format saves the lyrics, notes, and voice. The music is stored similar to a MIDI file (very small), and the words are tranfered on the player using an advanced text-to-speech tool, based on the voice. Once the file has been created, it checks itself (silently) against the original file, and any sections outside a certain threshold of similarity are saved in the normal format.

Although this would put added pressure upon the player (requires text-to-speech tools, with different voices and tones), it is still a doable concept.

As well as this, you could have fun changing the voice of the singer to make the music sound different, and the file would have embedded lyrics that would be easily viewable.

If anyone has an idea of a better category to post this in, please tell me (who decides the categories anyway?).

dbmag9, Jul 19 2005

Tracking software http://www.gwintern...ic/ft2/software.htm
Like MIDI, but with better sound. [Worldgineer, Jul 19 2005]

MC Hawking http://www.mchawking.com/
Already done, [basepair]. [friendlyfire, Jul 24 2005]


       This is more of an idea for a computer choir (band, orchestra, whatever) than for storing music, surely?
DrCurry, Jul 19 2005

       Yes, [DrCurry], it could be used for a computer choir (and it probably has been) but my idea is to use it as a space-conserving way to store music files, so that you can hear what it's like, without the exact voice etc.
dbmag9, Jul 19 2005

       There are formats for music used by tracking software that accomplish what you're after.
Worldgineer, Jul 19 2005

       'Stephen Hawking's Greatest Hits."
Basepair, Jul 19 2005

       stephen Hawkings also decides the categories.
benfrost, Jul 19 2005

       William Shatner intoning The Doors' "The End" comes to mind. Accompanied by toy piano, of course.
moPuddin, Jul 20 2005

       Damn clever idea.
doctorremulac3, Jul 24 2005

       Thank you, [doctorremulac3]
dbmag9, Jul 24 2005


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