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Musical Chairs

melodious whoopie cushions
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The essence of this idea is a whoopie cushion like device that is built into a seat cushion, however instead of creating the always hilarious flurry of flatulence, the cushion plays a musical note (or notes). This can go any number of directions, but imagine, say an entire church congregation being simultaneously seated to a resonating heavenly chord. I think that the ultimate application of this product would be in a stadium installation. As the crowd is doing the "wave" circling around the stadium, the seats blare out the team's fight song.
joking victim, Mar 31 2004


       Pressure sensitve music boxes are Widely Baked and used in all sorts of things, from teddy bears to greetings cards. Is putting them in cushions really a new idea or just a pun?   

       (A butt-operated church organ, now that might be a new idea.)
DrCurry, Mar 31 2004

       The emphasis is really on the installation in larger venues, with notes in harmony and such. The pun just worked out. And yes they could sound like an organ, I just couldn't see getting the congregation to do the "wave".
joking victim, Mar 31 2004

       Install a keyboard with each key linked to a sharpened stick rigged to poke the person sitting on the appropriately tuned cushion. You wouldn't even need to fire the existing organist.
footzilla, Nov 06 2005


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