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Musical Chairs2

With built-in speakers and music player
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1. Some comfortable lounge-back type chairs already have speakers built on either side of the head-rest. But no chair that I know of has a built in CD player or MP3 player or memory-stick .wav-file player or equivalent. (Or even all of them, heh, including cassette tape player, 8-track player, and vinyl-record player. Load 'em all up and relax while playing 'em one at a time, before needing to load 'em all up again.)

2. A rocking-type chair that mechanically powers a music box when you rock. The music box should have replace-able music drums, of course. (Perhaps best used with rock music.)

Vernon, Jan 22 2008

you plug in your ipod. http://www.truveo.c...liner/id/1115770161
[dentworth, Jan 22 2008]

Chair with MP3 player built in. http://www.massagec...-player-om-700.html
It's non-portable. [Amos Kito, Jan 23 2008]

An article on musical collectibles, including furniture. http://www.articleg...tique-Collector/681
[Amos Kito, Jan 23 2008]


       + for brevity
dentworth, Jan 22 2008

       I had to read this six times just to feel I was getting value.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 22 2008

       actually as I am looking at the link, I realized you wouldn't want a built in ipod, because you need to down load your various sources of music into it. So you just need the connection or a docking bay which this chair has.
dentworth, Jan 22 2008

       [dentworth], aren't there any MP3 players that have removable/replaceable media? Such a player CAN reasonably be built into the chair.
Vernon, Jan 23 2008

       //aren't there any MP3 players...//
Yes, there are plenty; and it would be far better to have an SD slot and player hardware in the chair (or perhaps an RCA pair, if you must), than some proprietary dock for a specific player. (Are the docking sockets standardised? Not that I've looked...)
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 23 2008

       [Amos Kito], nice chair. I especially like the part where it reads, "Original price $3,490" with a line through it, and just below, it reads, "Our price $3,490".
Vernon, Jan 24 2008

       A faster way to get deaf.
swirlyivy, Jan 25 2008


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