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Musical Toothbrush

Musical Toothbrush
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I think that if an electric toothbrush was able to play music (e.g. MP3 Disk,radio etc.) people might be inclined to brush longer. The News, favourite radio program, whatever it takes to make you brush longer.
unkyduff, May 30 2001

Musical lollies... http://www.augustac.../tec_124-8221.shtml
What works for a lollipop should work for a toothbrush... [rmutt, May 30 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Dude, put a radio in your bathroom.On average, a song is 3 minutes.
salmon, May 30 2001

       If you brushed for 3 minutes, your dentist would make you "Patient of the Year" and Colgate would put your picture on a tube of Toothpaste. The average person brushes for 45 seconds.
unkyduff, May 30 2001

       If you brushed for 3 minutes your dentist wouldn't make a whole lot of money out of you. I brush about that long and got my very first filling at age 30. Apparently that's kind of late in life.
sirrobin, May 31 2001

       Are you sure your teeth are clean after only two minutes? Maybe the toothebrush should be engineered with some open loop system to stop after it detects your teeth are clean. Maybe equip the toothebrush with a light and some photoreceptors to measure the whiteness of your teeth? Then you will be able to brush long enough without risking brushing too long (which reportedly can cause damage to your tooth enamel).
Op, May 31 2001

       Maybe the brush should play a different note depending on which tooth you were on. Dare I say, "Mouth Organ"? Perhaps, "Symphony in #A-Molar"
unkyduff, May 31 2001

       You might do yourself an injury if you were playing drum and bass or agrressive metal.
benfrost, Jun 01 2001


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