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No toothbrushes

Who needs toothbrushes anyway?
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This is a follow-on from "Toothbrush Lock", an anti-disease-spread idea which soon got spat out

This idea is to replace brushing with a mouthwash containing a slowly dissolving abrasive plus the usual toothpaste chemicals.

I know toothpaset contains fine abrasives.

The new product would contain "chopped up dissolving bristles" so to speak as well.

rayfo, Jun 27 2001

Nice nano dentist http://www.halfbake...ce_20nano_20dentist
Halfbaked. [centauri, Jun 27 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Rods Tiger: Mouth millipedes? (Some tropical leeches go for the throat--the inside of the throat, that is. Gyuck!)
Dog Ed, Jun 27 2001

       Genetically modified apples containing flouride, perhaps?
Lemon, Jun 27 2001

       Apparantly there are several dive sites around the world's tropical reefs where the guides eat a biscuit before the dive, then go to a cleaning station and let the cleaner shrimps there into their mouths to pick the bits of biscuit from between their teeth. Obviously this can only last as long as you can hold your breath, but it'd be fun for a while. Quite fancy it myself.
Nadir, Jun 27 2001

       When a product’s entire cleaning power is condensed into a chemical with time-dependent operative powers, the cons begin to outweigh the pros. How would the chemical’s cleaning-power be calibrated? How long should one keep the chemical in one’s mouth so as to ensure a good cleaning, but not completely strip one’s enamel? The ratio of toothpaste to water in addition to the length of time ensures a good cleaning and cannot be easily replaced by quick fixes.   

       The crux of this idea is the “slowly dissolving” part, and unless it's addressed, this seems to be a WIBNI in the same vein as shower-portals.
iuvare, Jun 27 2001

       Lemon: Flouride is rat poison, and its link to preventing tooth decay is tenuous at best. Most likely it has no effect.
VeXaR, Jun 27 2001

       Well, that's as maybe, but I sure don't have any rats living in my mouth these days.
Lemon, Jun 28 2001

       See? Because the fluoride keeps them down.
Monkfish, Jun 28 2001

       When your bristled mouthslug has eaten its fill of plaque, and flossed your crevices with its prehensile proboscis, it provides a tasty and protein-packed between meal snack.   

       First of all, of course, it lays the eggs which hatch a few hours later to become Mouthslugs - The Next Generation.
BunsenHoneydew, Aug 25 2002


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