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Single-use toothbrush

has toothpaste in the handle.
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Remove plastic packaging.
Squeeze handle - toothpaste finds its way onto bristles.
Apply water, brush teeth, spit.
Handy for those times when you didn't take a handbag big enough for your toothpaste and toothbrush. Or when the food at the restaurant was smellier than you expected. Can be sold in dispensers like tampons and condoms (but please don't get confused between them).
lewisgirl, Jul 09 2001

You wouldn't want to use *this* one again... http://news.bbc.co....1435000/1435489.stm
...I hope. [angel, Jul 09 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       nice but not too good and it gave me such a great idea should i tell you or just sell it and be rich because if i tell you and someone takes it and get rich i would go crazy   

       if my idea makes money i wont forget you:)
BALIKEKMEK, Jul 09 2001

       Is it a combination disposable toothbrush, condom, and tampon in one?
MuddDog, Jul 09 2001

       Something close already exists. I bought one of these in a restaurant in Amsterdam... http://www.oxigenol.com/usaspazz.html ...and they work a treat!
pawnpusher, Jul 15 2001

       Another type of these were 'Dental dots'. My fiancee and I found them in a store once...little circles of adhesive backed terry cloth with dry toothpaste on them. Stick one to your fingertip and use...
StarChaser, Jul 15 2001

       Exactly what the world and the environment need: even more trash.
peasoup, Jul 15 2001

       I'd like to see the toothpaste also act as an explosive so that after you finish brushing, you throw the brush away and it explodes!   

       Add a compact audio player and..."This toothbrush will self-destruct in five seconds....KABOOM!"
mrkillboy, Jul 16 2001

       Wait no more, I have been researching and developing BrushUps for the last three years. A few months ago I started marketing and they are already in conv. stores, dentists, hotels, hospitals, and all over the place throughout the U.S. Any Ideas where they would be useful? Check out the website www.brushups.com
brushups, Aug 13 2001

       baked. I remember getting one of these things a few years ago. i think at K-mart, Wal-Mart or Target. It was intended to be used for traveling. I was a very cheap toothbrush, with a hole in the middle of the bristles for the toothpaste to come out from (with a plug thing you remove when you use it so that all of the paste doesn't come out wile it's in the store). The bottom of the handle was a squeesable plastic thingy with toothpaste in it. Very cheap toothpaste that has no mint flavor (good because I HATE mint; especially becuase it never leaves my mouth and makes soda taste horrible). It was kinda like one of those travel toothbrushes where you can pop the brush free from the handle and put the brush inside the handle for storage, but it is not meant to come apart. I did manage to open it up and refill it, although it refilled with that 2 part mentadent in the weird dispenser, so it ended up reacting with itself in the toothbrush and turned to a bubling mess. The toothbrush comes with enough toothpaste for several brushings, depending on how much you use. At least enough for a weekend trip; possible can be expanded to a full week if very little paste is used. then toss (or refill if very cheap). It's quite convenient to not have to mess with a toothbrush and toothpaste on vacation.
dr_photon, Mar 03 2002

       Saw the despenser in the amsterdam airport two days ago. It's baked.
christopher, Jun 02 2004

       baked at the dentist. They have dried toothpaste in the bristles that "reconstitutes" when wet.
-----, Nov 02 2004


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