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Mutual Mugs

Mugs that promote mutual agreement
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After a deal has been done, a shared drink is often customary. This need not be alcoholic, and indeed the sharing of a good cup of tea is just as common, especially in many parts of the world where alcohol is prohibited.

That's all well and good, but it's very casual. What is lacking is a memorable gesture that guarantees and assures the sincerity and trust of the dealmakers. This is where Mutual Mugs enter the scene.

Mutual Mugs have been designed in a way that symbolises both binding agreement and individuality. Their inseparable, interlocking handles require participants to literally put their heads together in order to drink from them, and secondly, be very careful and co-operative in their movements to avoid each other or themselves being scalded.

They come in a variety of formats and colours to suit all occasions. Illustrated here, in a slightly skewed rendering for greater clarity, is the ménage à trois version.

xenzag, Jul 21 2006

Mutual Mugs http://web.mac.com/.../mutual%20mugs.html
Mutual Mugs [xenzag, Jul 21 2006]




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