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Snug Mug

Warms your hands when they're cold.
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Here in the Northern Hemisphere, winter's in full swing. That means cold noses, cold ears, and, most of all, cold hands. One of the best ways to warm up your hands is to brew a nice hot mug of coffee or hot chocolate (or cocoa) and grasp it between your hands, heating them back up to above-freezing temperature. But what if you don't want to have a hot drink, or just are too lazy to heat up a pot? The solution is to have a mug that warms up at the flick of a switch. Just hold it for a few minutes and your digits should be perfectly thawed.
DrWorm, Jan 02 2010

Handy warmer http://www.amazon.c...-Pack/dp/B000WSVH4I
[outloud, Jan 02 2010]


       Hand warmers would take up less space in your pocket and would also solve [21's] freezing peeter problem. They come in multipac so you could share. Link
outloud, Jan 02 2010

       Mug of burning gasoline ?
8th of 7, Jan 02 2010

       Yes. Snug Mug. Good. My Snug Mug and my Snuggie. All I need. I can put the mug down faster than taking off a glove. It's fashionable. There's a limit to how much hocho I can drink and it cools off fast.
Mustardface, Jan 02 2010

       [outloud], as a part-time ski instructor, I am quite familiar with hand warmers. That said, they can get pretty hot and I wouldn't want them anywhere near my schlong.
DrWorm, Jan 02 2010

       Schlong as you just pee and not stop to play with yourself maybe?
outloud, Jan 02 2010


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